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Originally Posted by MRV99 View Post
That's right folks! To commemorate the out going e9x M3 model, this limited edition has no options other than the base package and comes in your choice of silver or a slightly different shade of silver. You get basic 18" rims and a special invoice commentating your purchase. As an added bonus, we will throw in a reduced trade in value in the future because this special edition has no options and will not be desired. You can now join the elite club of limited editions while maintaining anonymity.

Only 93 will be made and will go for $60,100.
Yes!!! Another limited edition!!! I am so excited. More details please. Will it come with only the primer coat to save more weight and resulting in another frozen paint name? Does no package means it's going to be a 6MT? What type of power-adding stickers will be put on the roof and windows? Do you happen to have a pic or 2?