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Originally Posted by mashimarho View Post
e36. Classic!
Yes sir, probably one of the more overlooked 3ers.

Originally Posted by NoirthernDancer View Post
Its a great looking car, 2 door and manual trans, what else do you need? Since its bought from someone you know, there should be a history which is very important. There is a ton of tech info out there plus tons of good used parts so you should be able to keep it going at a reasonable cost. Remember that tires, brakes and suspension should come first. You don't need go bigger, just good quality. And join BMWCCA.
Yeah I knew what I eventually wanted was something RWD or AWD in manual. But I knew all I could afford was a decent civic or something. But this car fell into my hands and I was blessed with a Bimmer! Coilovers are coming this Christmas and I'm just gonna roll on my brothers old 189s for now until I can afford a wider set, and fenders rolled soon.

Originally Posted by Desert_Fox View Post
Congratulations man, im happy you were able to join the club! It's hard to own else once you get the bug... except maybe a Porsche or Ferrari!
I always wanted to own a bimmer and nothing else really. My dream car is a Gt2/3rs or a 911 turbo s, or even a panamera turbo s. But I sure wouldn't mind scud.
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