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Originally Posted by jesselou View Post

i know many of you believe that guys and girls can't be friends without sex on the table, but do you guys seriously bang every female friend you have?
If you are attracted, it won't result in things such as work complications (or, the attraction is strong enough where it's worth that risk) and you're both single, then you should give it a go. Why wouldn't you?

No, because most guys don't have female friends in the true sense like a friend-friend. I would question whether that's even possible without introducing sex into the equation. There are lots of guys that have female friends. They're called gay guys
Absolutely. The only way I can have a woman as a friend in the same sense as I have a guy as a friend (i.e. zero sexual tension) is if I'm not at all attracted to her (or if she is WAY down on my list of women I'd be interested in. I have several female cycling friends who fall into that catagory. That's why gay guys can be "just friends" with very attractive women- because they don't see them the same way so there isn't any sexual tension. I can also be "friends" with the wives and girlfriends of my guy friends, but it's in a different sense. i.e., it would be pretty weird if we started hanging out a lot without the guy friend around.

I can still sort of be friends with a woman I'm attracted to who isn't interested in me, but there will always be a degree of sexual tension there. This is where you are, but it sounds like you frequently put yourself DEEP into this position intentionally due to inaction.

Read this...

Put yourself out there and be more forward with women. I guarantee you'll get shot down a few times, and that's fine. There are LOTS of women out there, so don't get to hung up on any one. Rejection saves you from wasting a lot of time, and it also teaches you about what women find attractive and unattractive. Getting shot down is arguably NECESSARY to becoming an attractive guy.

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