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Originally Posted by MrRetep View Post
That bastard...

with that "there there" I felt oddly like a child, reminds of the time i was a wee little lad growing up in ireland, I was on a boat with me mum, she had just bought me the most delicious double Popsicle ever, you know the ones that have two sticks but are frozen together in the middle. It was lemon lime and had a lovely shade of green, I was sitting next to the railing the sea was rough so mum was standing next to me holding me. I was enjoying the shit out of that Popsicle the salty ocean breeze and mist hitting my face made it that much better, as the boat was turning into harbor we got broadsided by wave, I lost my balance but mum caught me the Popsicle never had a chance though everything slowed down, I saw it fly through the railing and crash into the water below it floated for a bit, then sank to the depths where im sure some asshole fish ate it. As I turned to look at mum I let out a whimper and gave her the most heart crushing set of puppy eyes she ever did see, she smile hugged me and said there there sonny I'll buy you another when we get to harbor, she pecked me on the cheek wiped my tears and gave me the best hug of my life (at that moment at least) and sure enough just as she promised she bought be another lime double popsicle but it just wasnt the popsicle has ever tasted as good as that one did