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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
Chicago is very photogenic. Here's one from my last business trip there:

River and Lake Michigan from Swissotel by dcstep, on Flickr

How long will you be in Boulder? We've had a lot of great sunsets the last few weeks, but weather is coming in starting this Thursday. If you're in Colorado on Saturday you can expect some nice snow, which can be very photogenic. Don't fail to go out in the snow if you're here.

Nice shot, Dave. Last time I did some shooting in Chicago I was still using a film SLR, and most of my photos sucked. Looking forward to redeem that a bit

Unfortunately I am in both cities only 1.5 days each, really about a day each once you factor in flights. Originally I was planning to extend and do some skiing in Colorado (would have been awesome) but due to work/business needs I can't extend my stay. I'm leaving Colorado late Friday afternoon.

I'll take what I can get, though.