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2010 335 to 2013 M3? Someone talk me into/out of it

So here's the deal, I have a e92 335 now coming off it's 3 year lease soon. Before that i had a 2007 335i sedan for 3 years. So 6 years of having an N54 (and not one bad fuel pump..... I've been lucky I guess).

This is my current car:

So I have a chance to turn this car in at lease end and lease a new M3 pretty much fairly loaded the way I want it for only about $100-150 more per month than I'm paying now.

I like my car, it only has 30k and has given me no problems. With coilovers and other mods it's a fun and quick car. So is the M3 really worth it? For people that have gone from modded 335 to M3 do you ever regret it? I'm close to pulling the trigger, but just want some advice from others before i do.