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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
True, but the problem with the post I quoted is that instead of pointing out what is wrong or what he disagreed with, they just belittle and attack, like xbook's comment above. Comments like that add nothing to the discussion, even if you are 100% against what was posted.

I'm not saying I agree with what M3Denver posted, but I at least read it in it's entirety and made a decision from that point. Since I really had nothing constructive to say, I declined to comment. If that is what he believes, well then he's allowed to do so. I'm not going to act like a child and call him names and tell him he is living his life wrong.

That is what is really wrong with this section. The majority of people who regularly post here (on both sides) usually only resort to name calling and childish rants, none of which they would do if we were all seated in a room together I'm sure. I think the mods might be on to something, simply shutting things in this subforum down until it gets to the point where no one posts in here anymore, then they delete the subforum entirely. It's been proven time and time again that only a few posters, who don't post often, are capable of intelligent and civil discussion.
Can't argue with this.
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