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Originally Posted by THE-FN-MAN View Post
Which ESS kit do you have? Have you ever raced a modded ZO6 with your kit? With all those airstrip videos it seems the supercharged M's do quite well against the vettes. But if I had the choice between that ZO6 you posted and an M, I'd take the Vette all day long!
I have a 625 kit full catless dct. I pulled on a stock z06 by 2-3 cars by 150mph. I ran close with a tune/intake z06. I got absolutely embarrassed by a head/cam z06. From what I've experienced first hand, those recent airstrip videos imho are extremely misleading in the m3 vs z06 videos (even though you would figure they would be accurate given the environment). The performance of the 8-9psi dct catless M3's can be compared to that of a stock ZR1 - well, sort of (with the advantage to the zr1). Bone stock ZR1's have average traps of around 131-133mph.