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Originally Posted by Kriston View Post
I had to check back in to show the love. I commend you my friend.

purpose built! and still beautiful. Just the way I would love for my (soon to be) M to be modded.

Congrats on an amazing build!
Thx for the kind words some pics of your car
Originally Posted by Rob@StrasseForged View Post
Thx Rob
Originally Posted by Dark Sarcasm View Post
Awesome build. Interior trim is hot! I like how you carry the "judging a book by its cover theme" with subtle touches. Example, no one would suspect there is a built SC'd V8 under the hood pumping 600+ hp to wheels with no center caps. j/k, awesome build!
Haha,Thx !
A couple of weeks back a group of us from the forum went to Bear Mt and there was some spirited driving involved,after we were done.i realized that my 2 front center caps are gone
Originally Posted by Tuner1 View Post
Very impressive! I love the combo of big power with stealthy looks.

How many miles on the chassis and how many on the custom motor build and ESS kit?

What make the GT4 water pump different from the standard M3 pump?

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Got 63,000 miles on the clock.Built motor 13,500 miles,Ess kit been on the car since 15,000 miles.You do the Math

Stock impeller is plastic,GT4 impeller is aluminum and much durable than the stock but i yet to know of any issues with the stock pump tho.