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Im sorry for your situation, suck. But with the plethora of M3 idiots so eager to prove themselves in threads like "do you track your M3" and "M3 vs Income" etc. etc. It just goes to show the type of owners of BMW are, and that stereotypes are true, which makes us amazingly common targets. Its sad but true. BMW owners do think they're "all that" despite some try to act humble and pretend they are, and they are somehow "better" than all the other car enthusiasts out there, I am just no longer surprised anymore when this kind of stuff happens. I do feel for you tho, the car will never been the same, nor its resale value and paint. And in a city like Irvine where Bimmers and Benz are everywhere, it just goes to show, as there are plentiful of examples from this forum alone, that money =/= class. I think its a good reason to move up to a better car tho, maybe a Porsche?

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