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Originally Posted by scott@bmwhn View Post
hmmm...wonder if that Scroth E9x harness can be adapted to F30...I'm gone assume probably not so I don't get my hopes up
Even if it fits (i.e. it clicks into the seat belt receptacle), Schroth does not recommend it. The reason is that each harness is individually designed and crash tested, and sometimes even the smallest difference could be life and death in a crash

Originally Posted by zsapphire7 View Post
Yea, i was looking at those hypercoil springs last year. theyre on the order of 90-120$/CF ring. It adds up to quite a bit all around if you were to set your car up for it..
The carbon springs - at the current design and price point - only make sense for a race team which needs a wide range of spring rates. It is designed to be modular like Legos so that you can have all kinds of spring rates with the same kit.
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