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Originally Posted by MRV99 View Post
So I took your original quote as saying BMW ///M would never let HP sit on the table and in my response I stated.

"They decide what is their desired performance number is and what will meet Global needs/laws/standards and stick with that"

My point was not to argue about why/what BMW does to get the HP, my point was that BMW DOES leave HP on the table. I am fully aware why they put out a production car with the numbers they do, I was just stating that ///M could make more power if they wanted to and the cost would not be that incrementally more expensive and still be as reliable.

Hell I had cars in the past which I modified(intake, ignition, exhaust) which still passed emissions with flying colors, made much more HP and was able to put 75k-100k miles on the motor with no issues what so ever. I am sure that the mighty ///M division could do the same.
But that is a silly point. With unlimited money of course there is horsepower to be gained. They could have used lighter valvetrain parts as well and had redline of 9k and peak hp of 450hp. They could have used magnesium wheels etc. So obviously you have to consider the cost per hp when using an example of how a company leaves hp on the table.

They don't leave cheap or free horsepower on the table such as making a plastic tube a larger diameter. They do leave horsepower on the table when the hp costs much more than market demands or project is budgeted for.

They eek out every last hp and get 414hp. If another 10 was available you better believe they would have used it.

If you do some investigation, you will see that there really is a calculation that determines optimal intake path. So I trust M's computational analysis over macht schnell and believe M's computer models of design are much more accurate

To each his own-I simply am saying the m3 airbox is completely overengineered for the needs of the car which is great for us but also means modding it is counterproductive