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My take on this.

I had a 135i, sold that went to a 03 viper with just under 500whp but just sold that, fun car but so raw, no refinement and it just wasnt for me. Im considering a c6z now OR an M3. Totally different cars I know, but I more enjoy the refinement of a BMW to an american beast (I think, unless the z06 is drastically drastically different from my viper)

I dont want the m3 to feel slow, which I feel it may from what im used to. The z06 is a sexy car all the way down to..the rear end, such a turn off for me. Chances are I do go M3 this time around. These arent my dailys btw. Ive also got a b8 A4 with full stasis bolt ons and software so in a sense ive already got that german touch in my collection so perhaps the z06 madness is a better route

Not sure if this was relevant whatsoever but oh well lol.