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Originally Posted by bga23 View Post
Didn't know Carfax now shows bio of previous owner(s).
Sorry for the confusion but the person selling the car is an old man
Originally Posted by SamS View Post
Seems decent. Try and knock another $1500 off and do a CIC iDrive retrofit, and you'll have a really sweet car.
ya i was concerned about the cic idrive so maybe if he goes lower on his price that would be an awesome deal.
Originally Posted by rjd598 View Post
On a car like this I wouldn't worry about a ppi because it has most likely been maintained well under warranty but still better safe than sorry. A prepurchase inspection is when you take the car to a dealer for example and they charge a fee and tell you the condition of the car and what is wrong or needs replacing. Usually thorough so that it covers all the areas of the car. You can get them done at third party shops or mod shops as well
Originally Posted by Pontrelli View Post
I would do one..any BMW dealer can do a PPI... I think they charge $100 - $150, they check out the car throughly let you know if there are any mechanical issues prior to buying the car
Thank you guys I will look around for a local dealership close to where he lives so I can have the car inspected just in case.