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Cam gears whining sound?

So i've been trying to figure out what the whining sound coming from the engine bay is and i believe it is the cam gears. I was able to find some info on the forums but not a whole lot about this topic

I was wondering if you guys can take a look at my descriptions below and give your opinion on whether it is the cam gears

- whining sound coming from engine bay area

- sound is similar to supercharger whine or that whining sound from your transmission when you accelerate quickly in reverse or that "feedback" sound you get with aftermarket stereos OR that whining/whirling sound of a high speed RC car

-sound is evident both while stationary (idling) and moving (on the throttle)

- sound volume goes up and down in relation to amount of throttle

- sound is very noticeable in 1st and 2nd but less prevalent in 3rd gear and higher

- sound is independent of steering

- sounds like it is coming from the left side of the engine bay when you are standing at the front of the car (passenger side)

- i'm not an expert but do know my way around cars and in my opinion it doesn't sound "offensive".... meaning it doesn't sound like something is broken...of course i know that these sounds can be quite tricky