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Well the story is that JC was at a night club and he was totally hittin gon Snooky and going for the "nice guy" line about saving the blind helping the poor...and well she walked right past him and started sticking her tong down the throat of a juice head named Pauly Bobo Nack Joey AKA PBNJ
Anyhow JC went back to heaven all pissed because well.. he didn’t get his rocks off.

And that's where he bumped into Moses and Mo short for Mohamed who were just enjoying a nice BLT and hitting the huck.
Well they got to talking and agreed that Snooky was a skanky ass bitch who worst of all lies! And it was better that JC didn’t part her red sea if you catch my drift! Because hey...that sea gots crabs! And well they turned some water into wine and a few gallons later they got this great idea to talk to dad….AKA Heff.

So they knocked on dads bedroom door because well there was a sock on the door knob and well girl #5 of 12 answered looking banging….hey he’s god! Get over it! He’s getting his rocks off in a 12 on 1 orgy! Any arguments? Good thought not! He’s god over here!

Well the boys gave dad a few more months and well they kept turning water into wine and throwing their empty bottles down from heaven trying to hit Satan AKA Barba Bush in the fucking head…..and for an old girl that bitch is fast! But eventually she got pissed and punched the sealing to shut the motherfuckers up…which caused a slight tsunami…which caused some problems in Asia…where like 2 billion people live…and they all started praying. Well eventually god was like “All right already WTF! The girl is giving me a Dutch rudder over here! What the fuck do you want! You Asians! Stop praying to me! You all can’t have huge dongs nor can you all get rich! Just that guy who looks like an albino Clo!”

Well one thing led to another and Heff left the bedroom and bumped into his three sons who were on a bender to end all benders and were bitching about NJ and the shore and juice heads and how much of a skank Snooky was. So to shut the motherfuckers up…..bam super hurricane like danced around Miami since let’s face it it’s hard to tell who’s Latino and who is Arab half the time and well if any Arabs were to get hurt Mo would have a shit fit…and ass raped the NJ shore…..sadly….Barbra Bush AKA Lucifer thought it would be funny to fuck around with the boys to get back at their dad for kicking her lazy pretentious WASPY ass out of heaven and erected a force field of juice heads around the NJ shore house….. and hid Snooky….and well after the waters receded and untold billions of gallons of hair jell, self tanner, pink lip gloss and Ax Body Spray and roids were washed away…all that stood was….You got it….the NJ Shore house and Snooky….who now will have her own reality show raising her new born child….Barbra Bush.

Does this all make sense to you?