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Originally Posted by lcrain View Post
I think the man can take a joke if he is going to post a story like that in a public forum. Didn't realize the peasant 1 series folks weren't allowed to post in the mighty M3 threads. Excuse my ignorance.

I apologize for posting my thoughts on the topic in this thread: the corvette z06.
"Peasant 1 series folks"? Wow, you must have some serious hang-ups about owning a 1er to put those words in my mouth, which is mirrored by your repeated attempts in this thread to make M3 owners (myself included) look like snobs. All you've really done is confirm to anyone with basic reading comprehension that you are, in fact, a troll.

Feel free to post wherever you want, but don't expect to be well received by anyone when you call people douche bags.

My apologies to the OP for disrupting the line of Anchorman jokes and disturbing the thread.
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