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Originally Posted by sycd View Post
It's like going from champagne to pabst blue ribbon. You can get shit faced with either one, and one will be cheaper than the other, but not as pleasant.
Such a douche bag comment, and one of the reasons why M3 owners have the reputation of being exactly that. Not as pleasant? We are not talking about pleasantries here. Of course the z06 is not as pleasant as an M3. We are talking about a car that will rip you a new butt hole. The torque is intoxicating, something the M3 can't even hold a candle to. If you think your M3 has grip, wait until you drive a z06 at the track, it takes grip to a whole new level. The looks and interior are entirely subjective, so take them for what they are.

OP go drive one and you will forget about the e90 M3 very quickly. For a daily it would be a toss up really depending on your needs, but as a weekend/fun car you will be hard to find a better bargain. With the aforementioned modifications this car should be pushing a huge amount of power.