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All I know it's hard to feel sympathy for anyone living a few blocks of the shoreline. Anyone who lives within a few blocks of shoreline has money. Period. It's very simple. And if they have money, that means they have no excuse not to have insurance. Boo hoo. I've seen it before. Their insurance company will pick up their tab, they'll build a bigger house in the same exact spot, and it will get wrecked in another 20 years all over again. And you and I, fellow taxpayers, are funding their rebuilt beach houses through the federal National Flood Insurance Program.

I'm familar with living along the Connecticut shoreline. That's where I live. It ain't cheap. Just mention of the word shoreline jacks up your real estate value and taxes two and three fold. Even if your property isn't directly on it. NJ is no different. And NJ shoreline living isn't the same as living in New Orleans during Katrina disaster. Those people living in New Orleans were truly poor and had little or no insurance. There's very little comparison. Sorry, rant over.

And lastly, I heard somewhere Snooky wasn't even Italian.

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