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Originally Posted by kevinbahnz View Post
Can you walk me thru the process and time of recovery. I might sound superficial but this is not my idea. My wife has brought this up before and I wasn't hearing it. But now I have seen the light...
went in to get a "consult" done.

talked to the receptionist about our idea/goals/concerns.

after she gave us all of the information, she walked us back to meet Dr. Ciaravino (Care-uh-veeno).

after he looked her over, he advised us not to go too big because of her thin skin on her chest and the lack of existing tit fat. he was looking out for our best interest but wanted to give us our best options.

once we decided, we went and paid for the tits and scheduled to come back 4 days later.

we got to the doctor's office at 8:30 on Tuesday. by 9 she was in his office getting surgury done.

by 9:30 she was done.

9:45 i picked her up in my old SRT8300C in front of the doctor's office (she was in a wheel chair all fucked out of her mind).

drove her to get some food where she seemed pretty coherent. had to literally keep her torse stable because she wasn't supposed to use her arm or chest muscles.

got home @ 11AM and gave her some medication (muscle relaxers, pain killers and some other shit to fight off any potential infection).

this is where shit got real.............

about 20 minutes later, she complains that she needs to throw up.

i reached behind her back and pulled her up from the couch.

i walk her to the kitchen where she half ass leans over the sink.

just as i turned around to get some water from the fridge, i catch her start wobling out of the corner of my eye.

i catch her from the back and she goes limp.

i slowly sat her on the kitchen floor, bracing her back with both of my knees.

at this point i'm, like "holy fuck, wtf is going on, i think it's aliens"...

so after standing there for about 10 seconds looking around for something to lay her head on, i slowly lowered her torse down onto the cold kitchen tile HAHA !!!

i ran to the living room and grabbed a throw pillow.

i lifted her head up from the back, tossed the throw pillow under her dome and let her sleep there for @ 2 hours.

i took a picture of her - she was pale as fuck and her lips were white.

i called the doctor and they said that she would be alright - it happens about 20-30% of the time, especially with smaller women.

for the next 3 days, she was a complete druggy zombie....she slept upstairs most of the day...

had to help her take her panties off to go to the bathroom, but i didn't wipe her HAHA !!! then had to pull them up for her.

overall, it was a pretty brutal experience AFTER the procedure, but i took 3 days off to dedicate care for her....

by the 4th day (Friday), she was still kind of "out of it", but she was walking around by herself, eating and doing normal things.

by the time Monday came around, she was acting 100% normal, but she was still taking the pain meds (not the muscle relaxers - that shit was blowing her mind )