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Originally Posted by jesselou View Post
haha you guys are funny lol.
so the thing is that she has a preference for white guys and fuck, im asian. sigh...
it's good to know for sure that nothing will ever happen between us, so i can focus on just being a good friend and not have any expectations or emotional hopes.

i know many of you believe that guys and girls can't be friends without sex on the table, but do you guys seriously bang every female friend you have? i find that hard to believe and im pretty sure most you guys are just putting up a front to be some masculine guy who gets whatever girl you want, but IRL you guys just as "gay" as you call me out to be. anyways, have a good day.

oh you're not gay my bad. you're just soft AF. grow some balls if you like her then go for it. Who cares if she is into white guys, sway her. impress her. Jesus you're a mess.
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