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Yeah, lots of bashers around here who like to give unsolicited commentary on how others spend money and what they should/shouldn't do (it's one thing if you're asking for advice, another if someone is just out there to bash regardless of the OP's intent).

Also, BMW probably designed the intake for a paper saying that a larger elbow wouldn't matter may be true for paper filters, but may not be true for higher flow filters. Also factors such as engine noise, fuel efficiency (more power means more fuel), intake sound are things that we know BMW spends a lot of engineering time on and balancing vis a vis just outright power. The stock intake is also predicated on the assumption that there will be no other engine nor software modifications (ie tuned software can benefit from more airflow). Even a regular dyno isn't going to fully simulate the ram-air effect of a higher flowing medium at partial throttle.

There's a lot of evidence from BMW racing (where air intake restrictions exist to govern HP), respected german tuners, and dynos that we see independently across the globe and from those tuners that don't even sell intakes that demonstrate that not only are there gains, but gains that are fairly similar in magnitude. Seems like there's too much corroborative data out there to ignore. I'd like to see the evidence out there (beyond a couple AFE bash-tests) that demonstrate that larger intakes don't add power vs filter alone.

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I don't know why this became a bashing thread, I just wanted to put my review on this thread of a product that I believe is top notch. I can careless if people don't like it and think its stupid, I bought it because I was sick of my Technocraft and wanted to replace it with something bette