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My best friend has a Z1 and a Z6 as well as a 1959 Stingray. We took a tip to Bowling Green to visit the Corvette factory and museum this past May.

I let him drive my M3 (we shared he driving for the 2K KM roundtrip) he loved driving my ///M3 said so several times with a smile on his face "love this car" he especially loved the paddle shifter. Next year I shall try out his cars when I visit him on the west coast

BTW. I had no idea the Corvette is mostly hand build as became clear when we took the 3.5 mile VIP factory tour ... I recommend that factory tour highly. Our tour guide pointed out there will be a track across on the other side of the express way next year ... I might go back down to check that out

Below is an image of the proposed track layout for 2013 across the factory and museum
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Cheers, Rolf-Dieter

Life will take us to some interesting places, fortunately The ///M3 will too with a many of us know this very well
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