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Originally Posted by uabimmer View Post
Why has the world accepted the terms B.C. (before Christ) and A.D. (After Death) as a bench mark to measure time??
The world has not accepted BC etc. There are other calenders.

According to the Jewish Calander today is Elul 7, 5767.

According to the Islamic Calender today is Sha’aban 7, 1428.

Current year is Year 4704 by the Chinese calendar.

I wont go into details of calenders but for your reference:

A few calenders on this site include: Chinese, Christian, Indian, Islamic, Jewish, Ethiopian, Persian, Balinese, & Baha'i. I could go on but you need to realise that this is the age of Western Dominance and therefore our Calender is Top Dog. Wait a thousand years and we shall see what calender is top dog.

Jesus, Moses, David, Joseph etc. did not exist. There is no third party source pointing to their existance.

I will pass on entering any doors that lead to an unjust God. See my post above.