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I am no pro but I have learned and seen a few things in my time. Great choice in upgrading the brakes and camber first. If you decide to do coilovers, I have been told that a corner balance is the best bet with coilovers to max their potential and keep the proper amount of tire patch on the ground for all four tires. Not corner balancing coilovers leads to uneven suspension settings leading to uneven tire patches for each tire. A good driving school helps severly as well. I have learned my lessons from crashing my own STi on the track due to lack of knowledge and possibly not having a proper corner balance on my STi coilovers.

Saftey: I would go with it for this reason alone. I have witnessed personally at the Nurburgring a guy who flipped his personal STi. The guy had his window open and when I went to help him his left side of the body was covered in mud with streak marks because he made contact with the ground. Now with that being said he did have a Recaro race seat installed into the car that covered his entire body on the left side. I honestly think that if it wasnt for that seat and the harnesses he would have been ejected from the seat. The seat played a big role in saving his life by keeping him in the car due to its bucket design. Crashing a car on the track is not a matter of if but when without the proper training and equipment.

Feel: If you were to get one maybe go for one with a lumbar support if possible. Most seats are made to sit you properly upright and at the proper distance to the wheel. IMO overtime this may get uncomfortable for someone. As for feeling the car, I personally can say that it helps. The seat really hold you in and reduces the amount of movement your body makes with the motion of the car. This not only helps you to better control the car with ease of controlling the steering wheel but you will most certainly feel the car more because you are more stationary.

I hope this helps you in your desicion to purchase. I have seen a seat recaro makes that is not only functional but stylish to our cars. There are much more functional seats with less style made by Recaro, the choice is yours to make. The racing seats link is for drifting but it explains more.

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