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Not sure why your spreading words around the forum. HRE wheels (this comment specifically) are manufactured when the customer place there orders. We tell customer it takes 3-4 weeks based on HRE's manufacturing turnaround. Customers may be able to get rush order for a flat free (HRE charges everyone this). If not, it's a 3-4 week turnaround. Now, I'm not too sure why your jumping to give a misconception of getting something sooner when obviously you have not purchased HRE before. As for these high value items, they go through UPS or Fedex.
This is in regards to your reply to my comment. I am just on the side of the consumer/fellow service member simply for the fact of over pricing your shipping. I have tried numerous times to get information from you via PM with no reply on the request for your box dimensions. I have asked other vendors for that information and received it with no hesitation. I am simply only spreading the truth and nothing more. Not one time have I said something that wasn't true. I believe that you and Bobby have decided to ignore my PM request because you know that I would find out the real shipping costs and call you out on it. If this is not true, please inform me of my wrong doing. Until then I am working with what I have and shedding light to future consumers on what I believe is wrong and right. I understand how forums work, they make it easy for someone to manipulate a situation and with you (PYSpeed) not replying to the consumers request you are taking advantage of that leaving people in the void of whether this is a real situation or just something us consumers are over reacting to when really this is a serious situation with PYSpeed taking advantage of people looking for quality product and service.

I still would like to have those dimensions of the box and the amount you insure it for, if thats not too much to ask. Until then, I will do my best to inform the people of what has happen. Thanks!

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