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Originally Posted by Hothonda View Post
Just my 2 cents on BMW dealer website prices...when I was shopping for my
LRE, I found some priced similar to the above link - equipped with lots of options - equal to cars in the low-mid eighties.

Digging a little deeper w/sales people, turned out that who ever input the data was clueless that the car had pricing different than a regular M3. "There was a error " - then they went into how rare blah, blah, blah, etc

Generally the prices listed on current model year cars (2013) will show MSRP
and if there's a discount they reflect that number in the display along w/MSRP.

I have seen NEW 2012 cars advertised w/with discounted prices.....I've never seen M cars though.

Maybe this is not the case here, but I got the run around & therefore bought locally.
Probably the case but I'll check it out anyway. Would be great if it was but fat fingering in price by the dealers on the internet usually leads to bad info posted on their part.