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Thanks for the info, that helped. What do you think about these wings? I'm not looking for something super awesome, CF, and/or ingenious. Something simple that provides some more downforce.

On my E46 330 Mtech bumper, I'll just throw on a strass lip as a riser and then bolt on my plywood splitter
The LTW style wing you linked is one of the worst profiles as far as downforce/drag ratio. If you want something cheaper that still provides good downforce look at APR stuff. The LTW wing was made to fit very strict series guidelines (had to fit in car's shadow or something IIRC), and is inefficient. The E36 guys that run them run them for looks more than anything.

Go for Bimmerworld or Brooks if you can afford it. Go for APR or something similar if you want less pricey hardware. I wouldn't recommend anything below APR price for a real functional wing. I ran the Brooks for 2 years and it rocked. At a low AOA it had very noticeable downforce and I had the same straightaway speeds due to slightly higher exit speed onto the straight and the slight added drag netting out.
I ran a PTG copy MAShaw CF rear spoiler for years on my former track car and the drag was like a boat anchor at high speed (like back straight at WGI). Newer aero foil rear spoilers or a smaller TMS E46m3 spoiler would be great ways to go.