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Originally Posted by swamp2
Thanks in advance for any measurements you can share. IMHO there is absolutely no need to post a fancy picture like that "proving" a number. If you're a contributing member here and you know how to zero and use a caliper, no one should question a simple distance measurement on a small part. Really - don't waste your time.
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. The jaws on my caliper didn't reach the center since they are only 2" long, so I had to measure the overall diameter and then subtract the lip on the pulley. The outer diameter is 125.17mm and using a straight edge I measured 2.2mm, X2 for each side. Based on that I measure 120.77. So one could easily say 121mm to use as a reference for calculations.
Yes you are correct that the AA kit requires 2 special belts, but it does comes with 3. In case you or anyone didn't know that, I thought I would mention it.