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I'm so stupid argggghhhhh!

I wanted to keep miles off my M and have something for the winter so I was feverishly searching for a a4, 330/325xi or subie. Well I found a nice little A4 and scooped it for what I thought was an excellent deal 800 or so under KBB. It was as smooth as car sales go. Until... I just realized I had purchased a regular 2WD, non AWD a4. I was hasty in my reasearch and didn't even realize this existed.


I'm so pissed with myself. The deal was just fair as far as kbb value goes.
The winters aren't harsh here in NJ and I think the FWD will do fine. This will suffice for my commute and save the M at least. But still, this just shit on my new purchase excitement... Thought i'd share/vent my frustration. DAMNIT