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Audi is still mounting motors in front of the front axles and their cars are still very heavy. Also their torque vectoring technology is only in a limited number of models. Yes, in general most Audi's do drive like a glorified Passats. Tons of weight at the nose, dead steering, understeer understeer understeer. Exceptions being their new S models, new A6, A8.

Don't get me wrong, we are on our 8th Audi in the direct family but BMW still has the purists right now IMO, especially with their "Diesel Blitz" coming for 2013.

Here's an example, per my experience. We just ordered an Audi Q5 S-line with the 3.0T supercharged motor, flat bottom steering wheel with paddles, 20's, 8speed, summer tires etc. It's cooler then the X3 35i, manlier, more responsive motor, better sound and IMO better all around inside and in any weather. However, if were are talking about raw performance I think the X3 35i Msport has it beat in terms of overall dynamics, feel, balance. This is just in SUV's...

As far as others, i'll give a brief opinion

S8 vs B7 - S8 has it beat all around. AWD grip, torque vectoring RWD LSD style rear diff, massively underrated unlike the BMW, beautiful in and out.
But stop and think, when has any 7 series been better than an S8. Never IMO.

RS5 vs M3 - The M3 is the drivers car.
M5 vs S6 - M5 is still much more of a drivers car.It's even offered with a manual, and is blisteringly fast on a road course despite what you'd expect from cruising around town.
TT-RS vs 1M - This is debatable, down to the figures. You could argue the TT is still a TT, engine is mounted to far up, prone to understeer, less communicative steering. However, the 1M is a little pokey coupe with a too high of a roofline and power that's all but gone at 5800rpm like ever other 335/535/735/135/X5 35/X3 35/X6 35i/135/Z4 35 (LOL, you follow me). What i'm getting at is the fact that the RS inline-5 is so unique probably has the 1M looking pretty generic as well.

If you are disappointed about F.I BMW's diluting what made BMW's so legendary, there is still some faith

M135i - Evo Magazines contender for best performance car of 2012

The video says it all about overall dynamics BMW vs Audi which is relatable to almost all models.