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You guys have to take the perspective that in Australia, the 1M is 115k, a M3 is 180k, a base 991 is 245k. The budget is not to spend over a moderate optioned M3.

Originally Posted by Dellort_M3 View Post
So you paid over 50K for these?
What do you use them for? I'm sure a regular GTR kit would've sufficed.
The brakes retail for $42995 in the US. The project is to create a DD that will match a much more expensive car on track. Reducing unsprung weight is crucial in the project to maintain DD comfort. I have BBS Ri-Ds and with the ceramic brakes the car will be 40kg (88lbs) lighter in unsprung weight.

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You guys realize that there are sane brakes like these for lamgorghinis and Aston Martins on eBay going for like one grand! Why not make an adapter so they fit your car? Who in their right mind old spend $30,000, let alone $15,000, on brakes?!
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I like my car a lot, it's my 3rd M3 went from E36,E46 and now E90 but I would never spend that much money on a car. That's crazy
Well, how much money someone is willing to spend depends on many factors, such as: what you are trying to do with the car, what makes you tick, what cars cost in general in the country you live in, and the amount of spare change you got :P. I can tell you it will give me a lot of joy and satisfaction when I got my car to lap at 997 GT3 time and then drive home in comfort without changing a thing. .

They are actually not the same brakes on stock Astons and Lamborghinis. They are the same disc used in the Ferrari Challenge Cars - it can do about 5000 track miles and the callipers doesn't need rebuilding for a whole season.

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Same way I feel. I LOVE my car, but you could buy a nice beater car and some regular brembos for that much money! Is there any noticeable advantage when using the ceramic brakes? I would bet not, certainly not worth that much more money than "regular" brembos. I thought the Porsche guys who track switch their ceramic rotors to steel?
I could have bought a Golf GTI, but you won't give me the same joy. The key point of ceramic is not necessary just stopping power, but unsprung weight reduction. So, that impacts on the suspension setup of the car.

The CCM-R is the second generation ceramic brakes from Brembos, it has the advantage of working 10% better than a similar sized ferrous disc at street temps and work much better at track temps. You can take the car from the street to the track and back to the street without changing a thing.

They also last 5 times longer than the CCM found in PCCB, and Ferrari stock ceramics. Originally, the CCM have many problems with cracked disc that's why many people who track their cars and would like to stick with ceramics move to Mov'it which doesn't have the same problem. This second generation CCM-R solves the problem of the first gen CCM and also better than what other companies have to offer.

On hindsight, I probably don't need the GTR callipers but it is only a small amount compares to total mod cost. It also gives the car the ability to go to regular track sessions, rather than occasion track sessions.

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I watched a set of aston martin Rear carbon ceramic brembo's once go for pocket change ($800), claipers and pads, and rotors. I shit you not, lol. They're not always on there, but I see them come and go every month.
You can always score things cheap on ebay . Usually I look at hi-fi components. .
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