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Normally I don't like to jump into these Comment/Feedback threads to respond to complaints. I do take most complaints personally and do take the initiative to PM each member who feel they didn't get treated correctly. But the below, I must write back...

Originally Posted by STi_traitor View Post
Two weeks! Ha, I have received items in less time shipping to Germany, NY should be quick. Good luck with that and sorry for your loss. Did you check to see if they charged you Priority and mailed it Parcel?
Not sure why your spreading words around the forum. HRE wheels (this comment specifically) are manufactured when the customer place there orders. We tell customer it takes 3-4 weeks based on HRE's manufacturing turnaround. Customers may be able to get rush order for a flat free (HRE charges everyone this). If not, it's a 3-4 week turnaround. Now, I'm not too sure why your jumping to give a misconception of getting something sooner when obviously you have not purchased HRE before. As for these high value items, they go through UPS or Fedex.

Originally Posted by manari06 View Post
Good luck with that! Hopefully you get them this week but I'll be skeptical because they would of told you they have them in stock and actually drop shipped them to you which is what happened with mine! Call them and ask for Tracking and you will see they going to tell you they haven't been shipped because they had a lot of wheels orders and then have them shipped a few days later.
We have never told customer that we had this in stock. Customer knows about the turnaround time and it's being shipped directly from HRE when it completes off the assembly line. Your personal issues have been taken and I did message you if you ever need any help you can contact me directly.

Originally Posted by manari06 View Post
So I ordered a wireless hard drive from Amazon on the 27 of November and guess what? I got it delivered 6 days later! Wow talk about fast shipping, maybe PYspeed needs to contact Amazon and ask how they managed such great shipping service to APO AE! Look at the shipping label notice in the lower right corner the shipping date!!! Oh and I only paid $4.71 for shipping!
PYSpeed compare to Amazon? Amazon is a huge billion dollar company. They have crazy shipping rates which I'm sure no retailer can beat. Tirerack for the same thing. Like I said in the previous PM to you. I'll personally take care of all issues if you ever decide to purchase through me.

Either way, I'm not trying to argue, just trying to shed some light. We take things seriously, and I do personally communicate with the members on here. If you need anything, or would like me to help you, shoot me a PM.

Originally Posted by kerkiraios00 View Post
OH GREAT!!! I just ordered my HRE's 2 weeks ago!!! Now what?! Hopefully they prove you guys wrong!!
You got PM

Originally Posted by mpbruin108 View Post
Wow, I just had an experience with Bobby@PY Speed too just this past week. I had ordered a part for my E89 and he kept telling me that he would get back to me as soon as he had some information on when he would hear from the manufacturer of the week later and he still hasn't been able to contact that manufacturer (3D design btw). So I took it into my own hands and contacted a few other people who work at PYspeed (Sean and Eric) and within 1 hour I find out that 3D has it in stock and needs to be shipped to me from Japan.

ALL THIS TIME, Bobby couldn't find out if they had it in stock or what and talking to a different rep, I find out the answer in 1 hour. I find out that my order placed last week will now be processed tomorrow.

Omg, customer service varies so much over at PYSpeed but there are good apples. I will reserve judgement on if they actually send me my product I ordered in the 2 weeks or so they said it would take to get here to the states and then to me....but all is not lost folks..just got talk to the right PYspeed people..sad but true.
You got PM as well. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Also responded to you through email.

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