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Originally Posted by Angerman View Post
I'm in real estate too

You getting a lot of sales up there?
business has gotten a little better these days.... cant complain. its been a blessing in a way as alot of people have left the workforce.

Originally Posted by GAaaAR View Post
Do you want to meet and compare goods?
yerrrr im an indica man tho

Originally Posted by upstatedoc View Post
lol at this thread. Surprising mods allow it. Someone got banned over it. Did I read aways back members meeting up to make a deal? lol.y

As far as the "medical marijuana" issue, if it was ever legal here the only patients I would prescribe it to would be the terminally ill. The rest is a crock, IMO. There are plenty of legal drugs to treat what ails you without lighting up. c'mon...
why wouldnt mods allow it? lol we are just talking about marijuana. its not a crime to share information. if people want to know something they can ask it here and get a proper answer as long as they arent being a dick or trolling, such as yourself. you reply to this thread without being a dick, so if you ask something you will get an answer no matter how trivial it is.

The thing is, why cant marijuana be used as a regular pain reliever? It helps with physical pain, it serves as a stress reliever, it does not distort ones judgement, and when issued to a regular user it has almost zero negative side effects and can have a superior performance effect on an individual where they may perform certain tasks better through consumption.

You also have to consider that for regular users, we dont actually "get high" every time we smoke. for me, I have to smoke all day to really get high, otherwise I am pretty much as functional as I was sober, just with less pain. I wish it was easy to get high, I envy you amateurs for this.
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