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Mckenna BMW Parts Bad Experience

Like many of you, I have read a lot of positive things about Mckenna BMW and Marco. I decided to give them a chance at my business.

Person behind the phone picks up and I kindly ask to speak to Marco. Before I could finish my sentence I am placed on hold. I am on hold for 8 minutes and maybe 6 times throughout that 8 minutes the phone would ring like someones about to pickup and then go straight back to the hold music.

I call back again and proceed to trying to talk and say let me finish my sentence before you transfer me. Again, mid sentence I am placed on hold. WTF? Hold for another 5 minutes same result.

At this point. I say screw it i'll talk to someone at the receptionist. But this time before I can even open my mouth I get put on hold and transferred.

I believe the person's name is Chris.

Anyway's I'm sure Marco is a great person to deal with, but it takes a whole team to run a successful businesses. I have never been treated with such disrespect from a vendor in my life.

Maybe I'm over reacting but it sure doesn't feel like it to me.