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Comparison test, schmarison test, SALES DON'T LIE.

Granted, it's a 3 series, but still, it goes to show BMW's strength in the market. Money talks. Editorial reviews meh. BMW is responding to each demo target for each car type.

Changes to 5, 7, etc. may not be what we want regarding "sportier" edge, but it's what the consumer wants. Let's just hope the 3 keeps it sportier edge.


3 Series Sales Up 42% for November 2012 and 3.5% For the Year

From BMW's November 2012 sales report, here are some updated sales stats for the 3 series.

10,776 3 Series were sold in November 2012, representing a 42.4% increase over November 2011.

88,857 3 Series have been sold year-to-date in 2012, an increase of 3.5% over same period last year.

It appears that 3 Series sales are doing just fine, contrary to what some naysayers may claim.

Sales chart:

Originally Posted by BimmFiniti View Post
Recent comparison tests show a disturbing trend with new BMW models:
  • Motor Trend, S8 vs Alpina B7: S8 blew it away
  • Road and Track, S7 vs 650 Gran Coupe: S7 pretty clear winner
  • Motor Trend, Panamera GTS (not Audi, I realize) vs M5: M5 absolutely panned as disappointing, big, imprecise

Audi's small Turbo engines seem to be better than BMW's and they also seem to be building lighter, more sporting cars. BMW's electric steering has been criticized as artificial and lacking feel. What the heck is BMW doing? Have they lost the sporting "edge"?

I'm glad I have a "legit" sporting BMW with my E90 (although the steering in my E46 330i is better), but I'm a bit worried about the M3 (and M4?) and whether it will be better than its competition.