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Originally Posted by Munit View Post
Once again I ask why? Even looking at the pictures of the pieces out of the box makes even less sense of why someone does this. Do you think that 1 foot long "elbow" piece that MS uses has some advantage over the stock elbow? Other than that its simply a drop in filter which you can do anyway. Just do not get the thought process.

Just makes zero sense. Sometimes I get mods make our car personalized but this seems to have absolutely zero utility for looks (considering you said it looked stock anyway) or performance. Do people really like to just throw away 400 bucks for fun these days?
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Originally Posted by tom @ eas View Post
Here are some comparison shots of the Macht Schnell Charge Pipe vs the BMW stock piece. Here you can see where the restriction is virtually eliminated along with the "accordion" style ribs from the stock charge pipe. The included rubber couplers allow for proper engine movement.

Comparison of Upper Intake Charge Pipe (OEM on left, Macht Schnell ICP on right):

Comparison of lower charge pipe (Macht Schnell ICP on left, OEM on right):

The stock airbox is awesome in the M3, but the dyno shows there is definitely some room for improvement for those looking to modify.
Looks good, huge difference! These V8's strive for air flow give her what she wants!