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So i was at the gym working out, doing my every other day 45 min walk at 15% incline at 3mph...try it will skinny your fat ass out quick!

I had just gotten there and started programming the treadmill when a challupa rocking yoga pants and sheet cake top jumps on the machine next to me...i could feel the floor bend beneath us such that I was no leaning towards her. kind of like this | \ and i was begging for her to either die of a massive blood splattering heart attack or just do a quick 5 min walk and go back to Fudrockers because there was no way i could keep my balance at that angle.

And as I’m about to put my head phones on and walking it happens...
Challupa "Hey was that your car?"

me fuck shit cock crap god fucking daaaammm dead kittens and flying burning piles of shit .... be nice be nice

Chalupa "Can you give me a ride?"

My dick looked up at joke my cock looked up at me with it's one eye and said..." give her a ride I'm taking my fucking balls and leaving your sorry ass! Just tell her that you have this simple rule about NO BBW'S IN YOUR BMW"

Me "I'm sorry...the car is a mess right now."

And wouldn’t you know it she stayed on the treadmill for all of the 45 min I was on my uphill power walk…sure she was sweating like a pig in the desert and grabbing the handle bars of the treadmill as if her life depended on it and the vains in her forehead were ready to go high order….but she did it!

And as I got off, do you know what she said…..

“You sure?”

At which point I have no idea how but my cock got a razor blade and gave me that one eyed look!

And I had to say no.

But you know if she were hot! Like the cute girl that pulled up next to the OP……I would have been on there like white on right!

So what was your excuse again buddy?