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Wow! This thread has found new life!

Originally Posted by passing View Post
i never understood why people torque the studs, seeing as they go right though the hub and are visible on the other side if you have a good viewing angle.

so you aren't really torquing the stud to anything...
I understand your reasoning if the stud is threaded along its entire shaft, but the Turner studs have a short course of threads on the wheel hub end, then a solid/non-threaded section, and then the long course of threads on the lugnut end. So as you torque them down to 16 ft-lbs, you're actually bottoming them out against the hub. You achieve resistance, and it would likely be quite difficult to get them much beyond 30 ft-lbs or so, as some stated above.

Originally Posted by tom @ eas View Post
Red Loctite will work also, it'll just be a PITA to remove.
The Turner kit actually ships with Red Loctite.
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