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Just cuz she's easy doesn't mean you should be mean. Treat her nice and she'll be all the nicer to you. Having a booty call available will certainly keep your smiles going. Just don't forget what the situation actually is.
If anything I was still a little intimidated by her because she is a little older than me, but nothing like my first time with her. I treated her like anyone else I've been with because there is no excuse for not being a gentleman. I'll see how things play out down the line because she is actually really playful and quirky.

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Congrats on your first time!
Haha very funny. Just my first achievement outside of school

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Should have chloroformed them both and set them up to wake in a precarious situation.... after you backdoored the both of them of course.

I've let you down again M! I hope one day I can live up to one of your magical encounters. While I'm still sane, it's probably better if I just stay as far away from them as possible lol.