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Originally Posted by baxter3221 View Post
So I just finished installed the ESS VT1-550 kit on my car and everything is buttoned up nicely and the car runs and drive just fine. The only problem is I'm getting a "service engine soon" light.

I pulled the code and its 27A6 "tank ventilation actuation bank 1". I have a feeling it's some kind of emissions thing, but I've checked everything I can get to and all the connections seem correct.

Any one have any thoughts or come across this before? Also, if any of the ESS vendors are online, I'd appreciate any thoughts. I've reached out directly to ESS, but it's a Sunday so I didn't expect an immediate response.
I've never had any issues with my kit except an increased emissions cel, upon which I called roman and they emailed me an updated tune almost instantly! I would assume it has something to do with your install