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Wow, I just had an experience with Bobby@PY Speed too just this past week. I had ordered a part for my E89 and he kept telling me that he would get back to me as soon as he had some information on when he would hear from the manufacturer of the week later and he still hasn't been able to contact that manufacturer (3D design btw). So I took it into my own hands and contacted a few other people who work at PYspeed (Sean and Eric) and within 1 hour I find out that 3D has it in stock and needs to be shipped to me from Japan.

ALL THIS TIME, Bobby couldn't find out if they had it in stock or what and talking to a different rep, I find out the answer in 1 hour. I find out that my order placed last week will now be processed tomorrow.

Omg, customer service varies so much over at PYSpeed but there are good apples. I will reserve judgement on if they actually send me my product I ordered in the 2 weeks or so they said it would take to get here to the states and then to me....but all is not lost folks..just got talk to the right PYspeed people..sad but true.
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