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My sliding pins wont fit back in the carrier

I was swapping my rear pads and had no problems removing the 2 pins but I just couldn't screw them back in once the pads had been swapped. I tried swapping pin positions (top / bottom) but neither of them screwed back easily. I even tried screwing them without the calipher being on to see if they screwed in straight and had no luck. They became stuck halfway in and seemed to be on an angle that wasn't 90 degrees to the rotor.

I cleaned the carrier holes with a cloth and q tips. There was quite a bit of brake pad dust in there which i cleaned as best i could but that only helped a bit.

The pins weren't stripped of their thread but the threads weren't in flawless shape either.

I managed to screw them in with only 3 - 4 mm of the pin thread exposed and put plastic caps and the anti rattle clip back on. The caliper felt secure and I couldn't move it when i tried with my hand.

I'm going to have to take it to the stealership tomorrow to get it checked out I guess but I simply can't drive it far without the pins being fully in.

Question - can i drive it at all to the dealer or is it too risky with a rear caliper that's not fully secure. I suppse there's a risk the pads will stick as the caliper won't be able to slide back and forth easily but is that the worse that can happen?

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