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Hey gang I just change my plugs tonight. Very easy process. Couple notes from my install that will hopefully help others out.

1. I only had to remove the air filter box the spark plug covers and loosen the coolant reservoir

2. Coat Hanger works perfect for pulling the coil packs out...I haven't used that other tool but the coat hanger is actually ideal because of the small amount of clearance available it actually gives you a nice long handle to pull on.

3. Tools I used that make the job a bit easier - these Swivel tools make a HUGE difference:
- Swivel Spark Plug Socket -

- Swivel Ratchet like this -

4. And yes the back plug on both passenger and drivers is a PITA but just use the "assemble the ratchet + extension + spark plug socket in pieces" drop each down the hole individually method and it isn't too bad.

Here is that hangar perfectly:

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