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Originally Posted by jesselou View Post
haha you guys are funny lol.
so the thing is that she has a preference for white guys and fuck, im asian. sigh...
it's good to know for sure that nothing will ever happen between us, so i can focus on just being a good friend and not have any expectations or emotional hopes.

i know many of you believe that guys and girls can't be friends without sex on the table, but do you guys seriously bang every female friend you have? i find that hard to believe and im pretty sure most you guys are just putting up a front to be some masculine guy who gets whatever girl you want, but IRL you guys just as "gay" as you call me out to be. anyways, have a good day.
The issure is not that you are gay but that you are being a pussy.
If she is treating you like a eunuch that means she doesn't find you attractive, what is there to understand, it's reality.