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Originally Posted by m0da View Post
Can you elaborate how you got this trim for the e93? On the bmwusa website, I can only see it available for the e90/e92 models.

Very interested. Thanks.
I started out having the same question only to discover there is no such thing here for the US Market. I have been talking to my German fellows at BMW as well as BMWUSA. It seems the issue we dont have it here as an option is because BMWUSA does not think people in the USA would be interested in it. I already complained about that with BMWUSA. They replied that they would look into it. (I was told the option is available now for the 335iCV) back in 2011 when i got my 335icv there was no such thing)

So from an 570Euro Option ($700) as an upgrade i had to go the loong distance and order the parts itself in germany for 3x the $$$ around $2100.

Labor to install is of course extra. Some dealerships charge ~$2000 for it.

As you can see thanks to BMWUSA we are taken to the cleaners if you want to do it right. (Warranty and such)

I will admit the OEM Shadowline Trim looks really nice ( i think much better then wrapped or painted) but the cost is no where in comparison.

At this point i have a 3 week old M3 and already trouble because of sloppy work from a BMW Dealership. Go figure.

Going to call BMW in germany tomorrow and ask if the OEM Shadowline trims are supposed to look installed exactly like the original trims after a proper installation. I will post some pictures in a moment...