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Originally Posted by STi_traitor View Post
Not cool! How about just biting the bullet on that one?
I had a body shop fix a bit of the fitment but still not happy. My main concern pertains to the gap at the pillar. looks lke the coupe fits worse then my sedan yet im still not a fan, installed a Vis hood on an e46 m3 that fit better then this. and that cost 500 not 2k.

In all honesty im slightly glad I spent less then half price as thats what the hoods worth at the most. Also I enjoy the fact that PY's customers base will diminish in this community due to this thread people need to know these people are trying to make a huge profit on pennies..I would never wish bad on someone but I hate bullsh*t retailers even if most of them just want your money..but not in an enthusiast based community, this should be the least of our concern.