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Just my 2 cents on BMW dealer website prices...when I was shopping for my
LRE, I found some priced similar to the above link - equipped with lots of options - equal to cars in the low-mid eighties.

Digging a little deeper w/sales people, turned out that who ever input the data was clueless that the car had pricing different than a regular M3. "There was a error " - then they went into how rare blah, blah, blah, etc

Generally the prices listed on current model year cars (2013) will show MSRP
and if there's a discount they reflect that number in the display along w/MSRP.

I have seen NEW 2012 cars advertised w/with discounted prices.....I've never seen M cars though.

Maybe this is not the case here, but I got the run around & therefore bought locally.

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