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Originally Posted by spr
You have written guarantee that warranty is assignable? Who care about painted. Still used. Should be no more than 1/2-2/3 price which is at most 5500. eh.

Originally Posted by Giggs View Post
Not so fast dude. My Supercharger is only about 6 weeks old and is covered for the first year under warranty as the new ones are, has not been abused, is painted which cost extra and if you order a brand new one its taking about 4-6 weeks to arrive because they're on back order. If someone buys mine they can have it the next day and install immediately. And the price brand new is $8,295 + installation, mine will cost $6,800 + $1,000 tune + installation, which is much less than brand new. So before you come on my for sale thread and shoot it down, why don't you consider all aspects of the item?
Are you a supercharger appraiser? I think not.

Its worth whatever someone is willing to pay, and I've already had offers north of $6k, just not willing to let go at that price.