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Good points...the engineering and innovation cultures at BMW are still good, so maybe not all hope is lost.

Originally Posted by PrimoM3 View Post
They're venturing into a new direction where the competition has more experience and strength. They've seen a lot of their series car buyers move to other brands, namely Audi, so they're changing the series cars to appeal to those buyers. Making them softer makes for a worse platform for M to work with, and in a changing environment with strict fuel requirements and safety standards. Basically, market and political forces.

It's all cyclical though... I think these are teething problems we'll continue to see for a few years as BMW learns forced induction, FWD and AWD, electric steering, etc. BMW and M are innovative though, so I believe in time we'll see the pendulum swing back this way.

For now, I'll enjoy my 2013 M3. Still near perfect 6 years into the model.